Jan 23, 2012 · Edit: Found some more pictures. Seems like the hx30's only came with 6cm, so I have a 6cm housing. The hx35 pictured has a 9cm housing, and the hx40 has a 17cm housing. Looks like I might be upgrading to the hx35 soon, but that dyno graph with the SR makes me want to keep the 30 for how much torque it makes.
Hejsan alla, Jag körde 2007 sesongen med GT3076R och har tänkat att kolla GT3082R i 2008. Körde med AR.63 och tänker på AR.78 Divided. Har någon kört med den GT3082R? Den har samma kompressor än GT35R , och låter ganska stor mot turbin. GT3076R: Comp. 57.0mm 76.2mm 56trim AR.60 GT3082R: Comp. 61.4mm 82.0mm 56trim AR.70 GT3076R & 82R: Turbin. 60mm 55mm 84trim

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This is a sound test of a late 1999 7.3 Powerstroke before and after the installation of a Wicked Wheel 2 by Dieselsite. Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2.MODS ...
A good example is if you pair an hx35 with a 16 cm^2 turbine housing with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder motor. If the car can ever spool that turbo up it will make huge amounts of power, but it wont start seeing boost until around 5,500 rpm in 3rd gear.

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S366 wastegate ... S366 wastegate
Jan 05, 2021 · Holset Hx35 turbine housing t3 .82 • t3 .82 • Fits holset hx35 , H1c, and WH1c (60mm by 70mm turbine shaft) • 3 inch v band outlet • Light weight approximately 8 pounds • Inter locking v band (Male female flange)

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Jan 06, 2012 · i emailed bep and they said they do not make a t3/4 bolt exit housing for the hx35. i see them on ebay but i do not want to chance having a turbo that doesn't fit properly. email Tim from his ebay page and ask him if he has a 4 bolt 2.5" to 3" adapter.
Apr 27, 2006 · Holset hx35 turbo with bullseye housing Tial wastegate/bov Competition Clutch Stage 3 650cc injectors 300zx MAF Enthalpy tune Custom harness (constant power, switched power, consult, etc) I don't have many pics, but here's a couple teasers. I don't have much fab skills, but i'm trying to decide on a rear end.

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Check the link in my sig. The shop that did my engine swap flipped the E6, and had to redrill the exh. manifold mounting holes in the head. Ended up burning the paint off the hood (no clearance to the turbine housing) so I re-engineered it to put the E6 in the stock location. I'm still using the O2 sensor in the downpipe though, that part works ...
Holset turbo specs Holset turbo specs

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Jun 28, 2007 · Yeah, I'd look at an HX35 than. The HX35W vs the HX35 is internal wastegated vs you needing an external one. I might have that backwards, but I don't think so. Just look at the housing before you buy it, but either will work for you since you are going external.
Los turbos HX35/WH1c son parecidos al Garrett TO4e-50 trim con una turbina Stage V y un housing de .89 A/R. Aplicaciones de los Turbos Holset en motores Cummins: Solo los turbos del '94-'06 realmente pueden ser usados en un Turbo de Chrysler, la Turbina 18-21cm^2 es de plano muy grande para nuestros motores.

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Buy hx35 t3 .82 turbine housing http://ebay.to/2hf8wLJ T3 .82 a/r Holset HX35 Turbine housing Compact and Light Weight 10 lbs 500 Hp Capable 600 HP capable i...
Bullseye Power and Bill Devine have not only been instrumental in helping me to achieve my racing goals, but have continually gone above and beyond for me. The product itself is fantastic, but their excellent service far exceeds anything else I have ever come across in my 20 years of racing.

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The holset housing is T3 and size oddball vband. I'll take some pics of the housings. the 0.70 Garrett t4 housing I am using is just a touch smaller than the 16cm holset housing, not by a huge amount though. Bother are much smaller inside than the borg warner housing. It is much bigger than my garrett 1.00A/R T4 housing was.
Holset turbo specs Holset turbo specs

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HX35 HX35W Turbo Fit for 1999-2002 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 5.9L Truck 6BT Diesel Cummins 3592766 Turbocharger with Internal Wastegate 2.8 out of 5 stars 5 $155.00 $ 155 . 00 $172.69 $172.69
dude i put my gm3 next to steve's (turboprelude95) hx35 and it was A LOT bigger, and my gm3 doesnt hit full boost on my d16 vtec till about 5300-5500! you would need a pretty beefy d16 to run the hx35. ... There is alway the bullseye turbine housing which is a t3 flange .55 a/r and it would spool the hc1/hx35 alot quicker.

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As a general rule though, an HX35 tends to be a decent turbo for someone starting out with a medium displacement ~3.0L engine. It wont make huge power by any stretch of the imagination, but it flows in the 50's as far as lb/hr and spools well to make for a decent street turbo. _____
Description: Boost Tube Upgrade Kit for use with 2004.5-2009 Chevy 6.6L -Designed to give you greater cooling capacity -Allow the turbo charger to spool up faster -Improves airflow -Diameter: 3.000...
HX35 OEM Turbo Housing to Turbo Sleeve Gasket, 5 Bolt, 1994-2002 5.9L Dodge Ram Cummins
Custom front exit water neck welded in w/ DSM thermostat housing. Customized RWD water pump for DOHC. RWD 2.0 Starion turbo oil filter housing. RWD D50 oil pan. Custom front mounted CAS. Setrab Oil Cooler w/ -8AN steel braided lines. Turbo: HX35 Turbo. Bullseye Performance .55 A/R turbine housing for DSM. Forced Performance Cast exhaust manifold
Holset turbo specs . Search. Holset turbo specs

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